Hello! Within you will find an assortment of fantasy and anthropomoph-themed art by Oouna. The majority of artwork is of erotic nature and intended for adult audiences, it is heavily comprised of commissioned work for clients.​ A range of subjects are depicted, bear in mind.

If you are interested in commissioning art of your own, keep scrolling to view what is offered and begin the commission process.

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November 18
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**Small Batch Commissions January 2022. Details TBA**

To get in touch, please e-mail me at contact@oouna.com 

Sending an email does not guarantee your proposal to be accepted. You may also contact me to receive a quote for your commission idea. If you have a question about a possible commission, but are unsure of any details or have any persisting questions, send me an email to discuss it.  Include as much detail as necessary, as it will determine if the commission will be accepted. Please note that my Terms of Service always apply.

If your commission idea is adult in nature, refer to my F-List content guide for themes that I will or will not draw. If you have a question about a particular theme, ask me about it.


Within your email, please include:

  • Your Username and Preferred name. This lets me know how to address you, and how to credit the commission during the entire process. Please note, the email you use to contact me will be where the invoice will be sent. I use Square for invoices. You do not need an account to complete payment. I prefer Square over PayPal because it allows for more privacy for both parties. The name on the invoice will match your Username or Preferred name and again, will be sent to the contact email unless another is specified. In circumstances where Square is not a viable payment method, I will send the invoice via PayPal. To my understanding, Square has worked in a number of countries outside of the US.

  • The type(s) of commission(s) you would like. Hybrid, Painting, Reference Sheet, Set, etc.

  • Character References, Images, and Descriptions. If you do not have a reference sheet, include the most recent images of your character(s), along with a physical description. Additional reference images are always welcomed (ie from a Google search to better portray your idea). It helps to include a brief bit about the character’s personality and background/bio, so I am able to get a better feel for them. Include details such as heights, occupations, or any notable features about them.

  • Your Idea(s). To the best of your ability, please describe the piece you had in mind in detail. If you have specific posing, please describe it, or send existing imagery to reference. If there is a background or scenery involved, please describe it as well.

  • Anticipated Deadline. If you do not have a deadline, fantastic! If your deadline falls within 7-14 business days, it will incur a fee for prioritization. If accepted, your commission will be worked on with the rest of my queue. Depending on the complexity or scale of your commission(s), the total wait time can vary between one and three months. Longer wait for larger orders, or more complex pieces.

The more information you include, the fewer questions I will have to ask for clarification. This keeps the whole process going smoothly. Inquiries that do not include the minimum requested information will lose priority. It is possible that they may not receive a reply. If your commission has been accepted, you will hear back from me. Please keep in mind that I am but one person. As much as I would like to accept every commission request, it is simply not possible for me to do so. Do not take it personally if your request has been declined.

Below you will find a quick reference guide of my current pricing and what types of commissions I currently offer.

Thank you so much for reading, and for your interest in commissioning art.



100 USD 


Currently Unavailable

A drawing of your character(s). Limited color palette, no background, no thumbnailing stage unless requested. Straight-forward drawing. Ideally full-body, some cropping may occur depending on the subject.

You will receive the finished sketch at full and web-resolution.



Discount for artistic liberty or multiple sketches (3 or more). 
Additional fees for complex character designs, markings/patterns/colorations, wardrobe, wings, etc. Case by case.



300 + USD


Currently Unavailable

A reference sheet of your character. Front and Rear views by default. A reference sheet will include your character's name, color palette, and details like species, age, height, gender identity, and any other traits they may possess.


Side View - Additional Poses - Genitalia Details - Outfits - Accessories -Clothing/Outfits - Expressions/Headshots - SFW Version - Etc

You will receive the finished image at full and web-resolution. 

Additional fees for complex character designs, markings/patterns/colorations, wardrobe, wings, etc. Case by case.



Contact for Quote

Currently Unavailable

A digital painting of your character(s). A simple/minimal background is standard, but a more complex or detailed background may be discussed for an additional fee. Upon starting, you will receive thumbnail sketches, and are able to choose which to develop into the final piece. You will be updated periodically as work progresses.

Payment plans possible. Work will not begin until the final installment has been made. You will receive the finished image at full and web-resolution

Additional fees for backgrounds, complex character designs, markings/patterns/colorations, wardrobe, wings, etc. Case by case. Discounts for SFW content, greyscale, artistic liberty, new character designs, and favored themes or subjects.



10 - 100 USD

The price of the alternate versions of your image depends on its complexity. Please ask about a specific variant to get an accurate pricing. 

For example, if you would like a nude/clothed version of your image, please indicate so in the beginning stages of commissioning.

The same goes for 'no fluids/fluids', minor facial expression changes, different wardrobe pairings, alternate genitalia, and so on. If you have an idea for an unlisted alternate, please feel free to ask me about it!