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Within you will find an collection of fantasy and anthropomorphic-themed art. The majority of it is of erotic in nature, and intended for adult audiences.


If you are interested in commissioning art of your own, keep scrolling to view what is offered and begin the commission process.​


Thank you for visiting!

Please include the following information in an email.

Submitting a commission inquiry does not guarantee automatic acceptance.


  • Username/Preferred Name

  • Email where the invoice will be sent, indicate if a different email is required.

  • Commission Type: Sketch, Reference Sheet, or Painting.

  • Character References, Images, and Description.

  • Idea(s) Describe what you had in mind and if alternates are requested. The more information you provide, the better.

  • Anticipated Deadline. Priority/Rush fee applicable.


Content Guide



100+ USD


A drawing of your character(s).

+100USD per character

No Background


350+ USD

​A simple ref includes Front and Rear Views, text details and color palette.


  • Additional Poses/Views

  • Anatomy Details

  • Clothing/Wardrobe

  • Accessories/Items

  • Portrait

  • Alternate Versions


500+ USD


A digital painting of your character(s). Simple/Minimal background. Additional characters, complex designs, and backgrounds will increase the overall price.


10-100+ USD


Alternate version pricing will depend on the complexity. Indicate in the beginning stages of the commission.



(Simple, low-impact)

Clothing (lingerie, stockings, jewelry, "censor" items)

  • Genital states

  • Presence of fluids (Light)


(Complex, high-impact)

  • Pose/Positioning (Hands, Limbs, Appendages)

  • Clothing (Different Outfits)

  • Presence of Fluids (Heavy/Incremental)

  • Color Structure/Design

  • Background/Scenery

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